ARUNA – 9GAG WordPress Theme To Start Your Own 9GAG-Like Site

Having been spending like years to search for 9GAG WordPress theme to start your own 9GAG-Like site?  Here you come at the right place! ARUNA – 9GAG WordPress theme is the best WordPress theme which can help you start a site which has the same interface and function as 9GAG (and much more). The theme is developed by TEOTHEME to help those who want to start a successful sites like 9GAG, Meme site, or other image-based or image-sharing websites.

Updated on 09/Dec/2013

ARUNA – 9GAG WordPress Theme

Aruna - 9GAG WordPress Themes


With the interface design much more beautiful than, the theme comes with the same function and tons of useful and cool features. ARUNA – 9GAG WordPress theme is developed with the possibility in which users can upload their comical images from the front-end of your site. Users can sign up manually or connect with their Facebook account to sing up for membership. Users will also have their own profile and it can be followed by other members. The theme will turn your simple WordPress website into a wonderful image-sharing social site. Impress yet?

ARUNA - 9GAG WordPress theme comes with Built-in voting system (thumb up or down) and you can add social sharing buttons to each post with ease. With this ARUNA - 9GAG WordPress theme, you will never need to spend thousands of dollars to hire a web developer to do an equivalent site for you.


  • Built on the latest technologies everyone wants: HTML5, CSS3, jQuery
  • Compatible with WordPress 3.8, also WordPress 3.2++
  • Works greatly well in all browsers: Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, IE9, IE10
  • CSS3 only Effects
  • Relying mostly on Ajax (This means everything happens in REAL TIME and there’s no need for refreshes!)
  • Socially Oriented with Sharing & Facebook Comments

More Impressive Features

  • Lightwight
  • Front End Post / Front End Posting Module
  • New Bookmark System
  • Keyboard Navigation
  • Newly Ingenious Sticky Sidebar/Side Bar
  • LazyLoad – Crazy Loading
  • Login & Register + Profile System
  • Responsivity
  • Multi-Lingual Ready


Why Start a 9GAG-like Site?

9GAG is the world most popular image-based site in which users can upload comical images. According to Wikipedia, the site had up to 2 billion monthly pageviews as of December 2011. This stat is just very amazing.

After the success of 9GAG, there are many similar sites appears online. Running this kind of sites is quite profitable and you don’t need to spend much time updating your contents (if the site is famous) since the site contents are user-generated.

Similar Sites to See

In the recent years, image-based humorous site is quite popular. We look around the internet and found some of successful site to let you get inspired!

However, there are always pros and cons of starting image-based site like 9GAG:


  • Effortlessly profitable as the contents of the site are user-generated
  • Make money by just filling in the free space with Ads
  • Fun and Easy for those who are greatly humorous
  • Not difficult to attract the visitors since people love to see comical images
  • Easily earn more fans on social media by just updating with images from your site


  • Difficult for new site since you may need to update your site contents yourself
  • The site is traffic and image-heavy so you will spend more on hosting (recommended fast, affordable, and reliable hosting: InMotion or WPEngine)

Should you go for single or extended license?

There are two options in buying the theme: Single and Extended License.

- Regular License / More info

 - Extended License / More info

If you want to create only one site you can go for Single License since it’s less cheaper but if you are an agency that need to create this kind of site for clients, you need to choose the extended one. Extended License allows you to create unlimited sites with this theme or even resell it on your customer projects.