15 Best Examples of Android UI designs for your inspiration

Looking for examples of Android UI designs to give yourself some ideas to start your own projects? So you finally arrive at the right place.

Android is known as the world widely-used operating system for smart devices at the present time. More and more Android apps comes at Android Play store every day to meet the needs of millions of Android users. The market for Android developers and UI designers must likely be still big. For those who is interested in becoming a user interface designer, are you ready to move to the next step as a professional one?

For Android UI designers, designing an application interface could be overwhelming sometimes since there are too many cool apps with really gorgeous UI design out there. Without inspirations from other popular apps, your design might not stand out from the crowd. It doesn’t mean you will need to copy their designs but learn from their designs, their weakness, their mistakes, their stand-out point and create something better. Believe me, people love cool stuffs! Once you design something cooler than the others, they will go for you.

In this post, I select 15 best examples of Android UI design that you will love and get inspired to create something new.
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Tango Android UI Design

Tango is an amazing app to communicate via the highest quality video & phone calls, texts, photo & video sharing, games and more. With the growing users to around 100 millions, this app is great for those who spend more time on connecting with family and friends. Tango is of the most beautiful yet simple Android UI design apps available on the Play Store.


2. Chamelon Launcher

Chamelon App UI design

Chamelon Launcher could transform your home screen by replacing with its beautiful design. You can create multiple home screens with your own layout of widgets and apps as you wished.


3. Eye In Sky Weather App

Eye in sky weather UI design

The UI design for Eye In Sky Weather App is clean, simple yet very beautiful. The app can be used for both big-screen tablet and phone.


4. Pocket

Pocket App Android UI Design

Pocket allows user to keep stuffs to view later. It has a cool function that let you sync those stuff you kept in Pocket across multiple platform such as your phone, tablet, computer. You can view it anytime you want. It also works without connection to the internet.

People use Pocket to discover interesting article, video or webpage or just keep it in pocket in case you don’t have time to view it now. With its simple, clean and beautiful UI design, Pocket are used by millions of people around the world.


5. Flipboard

Flipboard Android UI Design

Flipboard is an app for Android phone and tablet which brings together the world news and social news in a UI design that look like a cool magazine. The layout of each news is very eye-catching making reading more fun and engaging.


6. Spotify

Spotify Android UI Design

Spotify allow you to listen to music on your mobile, without any limit. It comes with beautiful interface design that could make you so into music.


7. Circle

Circle Android UI Design

Circle is a local social network that let you find friends that stay near you or in your town. With its concept of circle, most geometric elements of the app are in the shape of circle. This concept makes the app looks very unique and also makes this brand new app stands out.


8. Endomondo

Endomon Android UI Design

Endomondo is sport tracking app allowing users to track  duration, distance, speed and calories burnt for most outdoor sport activities such as running, cycling, or walking. This app has a beautiful light green UI design theme which possibly make users feel fresh and love to use it.


9. LinkedIn

LinkedIn Android UI design

LinkedIn is a mobile app of world largest professional network, LinkedIn.com. The UI design of this app looks clean simple yet attractive.


10. PressPress Android UI Design

Press makes your news reading easier. With its beautiful and interactive UI design, you can just quickly move news from screen to screen and manage the articles you want to read and the ones you don’t without any efforts.


11. In the Kitchen: Recipes, Chefs

Food Android UI Design

Looking for sample for food-related UI design app? then this app could be your inspiration.


12. Jamie’s 20 Minute Meals

Jamie's 20 Mn meal

With its dark grey color theme, Jamie’s 20 Minutes Meals could be another cool food application for Android. The UI Design for this app look so clean, modern and beautiful.


13. Pinterest

Pinterest Android UI design

Based on its website interface design, Pinterest for Android interface looks just like the Pinterest website on mobile device. The design look minimalist, clean yet beautiful.


14. Google Search

Google Search Android UI Design

Google search for Android UI design is very simple, clean, interactive, and beautiful. Users can use this app to search the web for quick  result. It also provide voice search functionality to let you just speak to search for what you want.


15. Path

Path Android UI Design

Path is another social networking app to let you connect with friends and family via your mobile. The user interface design of this app is very beautiful. It comes with different design for different features like home, shop, message screen…



Designing an UI of Android App is just like designing the web or other digital user interfaces. You need to think of trend, your target users, and compare yourself with other successful app out there.

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