Top 20+ Best Gay Blogs You Can Read

Gay Blogs are increasing in number due to more social acceptance and understanding of LGBT role in the society world wide. We found some of the best non-adult gay blogs which you can enjoy reading and updating yourself with what happening in the gay world at the moment.

Collection of up to 23 Gay blogs and bonus of  5 gay-friendly and men blogs will help you find the best gay sites you need faster and more efficient. Hope you enjoy this post and share with your friends!

Top Gay Blog

1. Towerload

Towerload might be the most popular gay blog I ever seen on the net. The site covers most trending gay stories such as gays, pop culture, photography, politics, media, entertainment, technology, and travel. The site was created in 2003 by Andy Towle and become so popular nowadays.


2. Queerty

Covering what’s happening in the LGBT world, Queerty might be the best gay news blog site that you might need to bookmark. The site is updated several times a day. You will get the fresh headlines daily once you subscribe to it. Queerty mostly covers stories that happen in the US rather than the rest of the world.


3. Kenneth In The 212

Lke Towerload, Kenneth In the 212 is another gay blog covering issues such as pop culture, politics issues, books review, celebrity, music, tennis, New York City, LGBT issues, small adventures, and more. The site was founded by writer .


4. Gaytwogether

Gaytwogether is a unique gay blog which focuses on love, romance, and being gay. The site is designed for those who are looking for interesting articles to read. Whether you are single, on a dating, or in a committed relationship this site is for you.


5. Homorazzi

Homorazzi covers gay stuffs, music, interesting TV shows, celeb gossip, fashion, movies, and more. The site is very popular among gay people which we can see through the number of their Facebook fans (14k plus).


6. LGBTQ Nation

LGBTQ Nation is said as the US’s most followed LGBTQ news source. The site mostly covers US headlines which includes marriage equality and politics, LGBT news from around all US states, world news and so on.


7. Wayoutwest.TV

This site covers some of the most interesting things such as movies, tv and films.


8. ROD online

ROD online was created by Rod McCullom, reporter politics, pop culture, race, sexuality, health and global development. The Site covers gay news, politics, gay life, equality, and more.


9. Randy Report

Rady Report is a daily blog covering news and entertainment news of interest to LGBT community. The site was created by  and it went online since early 2011.



For those who are looking for a sport site dedicated only to LGBT community, Outsports is for you. It covers sports, gay athletes,  gay athletes’ lives and more.


11. Gay Star News

Gay Star News has the latest gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender news. It also covers entertainment, information, lifestyle, and much more.


12. OUT

Belonging to OUT magazine, is the one of the most interesting gay blog available on the net. It covers many interesting topics such as: fashion, entertainment, lifestyle, travel and nightlife, news and opinion and a lot more.


13. Attitude UK

You can find interesting articles or editorial photos from Attitude UK magazine on this site. is the only website of Attitude magazine that provide contents on topics such as: men, politics and comments, style, culture, and more.


14. DNA magazine

DNA magazine is Australian gay magazine website. The site mostly displays hot male models on its homepage yet it also has article for you to read.


15. Kinda Gay Blog

Kinda Gay Blog is another gay blog covering issues like gay, coming out, gay men, lifestyle and other gay-related topics.


16. Huffington Post’s Gay Voices

As part of the giant media site, Huffington Post, the gay voice has a lot of interesting things to share. The site is covers news related to lgbt, gay marriage, quality, gay events and so on.


17. Unicorn Booty

Unicorn Booty is another popular gay blog covering art and culture, business, travel, health, news and humorous stuff. The site also has interesting sub-topic such as: The bottom whisper, mind your business, friday freak-outs, haters gonna hate, and  a lot more.


18. Gay Spirituality was founded in 2004 and in a vision to expand conversation between gay, lesbian, bi and transgender. The blog covers various gay-related topics of interest to lgbt community.


19. Confessions Of a Boy Toy

Confessions of a Boy Toy is a personal blog of a famous gay men, Oscar. The site covers things of interest of Oscar and lgbt people.


20. Hunk du Jour

Hunk du Jour is a gay blog featuring hot hunky male models daily. You can find any interesting hunky male models by just searching by name.


21. Joe My God

Joe My God is another gay blog covering all gay-related breaking news, gay cultures, politics and more.


22. The Qu

The Qu is another gay blog covering art, culture, entertainment, music, news and event.


23. Accidental Bear

Accidental Bear is a gay blog covering gay news, art, culture, fashion, music, and hot discussion.



24. Ohlalamag

Ohlalamag is a blog that can be read by gay guys. The site covers entertainment, fashion, travel, and lifestyle. Even if the site is not only for gay, you can still find many interesting photos of guys from fashion shows, editorial photo shooting, and more.


25. Made in Brazil

Made in Brazil covers stories about fashion and male models from Brazil. You can find photos from fashion shows, editorial photos, and more interesting stories from this blog.


26. Esquire

Esquire is a magazine website for men and can be read by gays too. The site has a wide range of topics such as: style, politics, entertainment, food and drinks and more.


27. Men’s Health

Men’s Health Magazine is a magazine for men who cares about their health and looks. It mostly talks about working out, body building which is very important for gay guy who love to have a hot body.


28. Ask Men

Ask Men is a biggest web portal for men. It covers most topics related to men including fashion, grooming, health and sport, dating and sex, living, power and money, entertainment, celebs, and a lot more.

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